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Clients supervising slab pours

March 19, 2019

HIA is aware that at least one building consultant is recommending that clients monitor the pour of the slab for their home. This recommendation includes a suggestion that the client take the day off work and stand in front of the site on the road or footpath watching the pour. The building consultant also claims that this monitoring will ensure that the slab of the home will be structurally sound and compliant with the Australian Standards. It is not clear how a client monitoring a pour would achieve such a result but the honouring of this promise is a problem for the building consultant.

It is clearly not ideal for a client to be standing on the footpath or road while a slab is poured. This raises safety and access issues and exposes the client to the risk of breaching the contract by interfering with the building work. A builder is acting reasonably if they discourage the client from following this unusual recommendation. However, if your client wants to follow the building consultant’s recommendation, they cannot be stopped but builders need to manage the safety risk of the client entering the site while the pour is underway and manage the risk of the client interfering with the pour. The client needs to be told politely that they cannot enter the site or try to give directions or talk with workers while the pour is underway.

For further information, please call 1300 650 620 to speak to a Workplace Adviser. Also, if you have any concerns about the behaviour of building consultants you are welcome to contact HIA and provide information about your concerns.