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WorkSafe expectations for managing risks of COVID-19 in construction

May 05, 2020

Some members might have received correspondence from WorkSafe Victoria alerting them that WorkSafe will be contacting them about their implementation of a safety management plan that demonstrates how members are managing risks relating to COVID-19 in their sites.  The correspondence also indicates that such a plan should be in line with WorkSafe’s recently published guidance for the construction industry.

HIA's Making Space on Site industry guidelines and COVID 19 induction tool may be used as the basis for developing a COVID-19 safety management plan.  However, it is important members review the regulators guidance material and supplement your plan, where necessary, to ensure that all the matters detailed in WorkSafe’s guidance are addressed.  Supplementary information that may be required for the plan to be in line with WorkSafe’s guidance include:

  • An identification of the risks of COVID transmission at the workplace
  • How consultation with employees and health and safety representatives (if any) will be undertaken
  • Recommendations relating to “Workplace mapping”
  • Recommendations relating to physical distancing control measures
  • Recommendations relating to hygiene, and cleaning provisions
  • Recommendations relating to shared tools, plant and equipment
  • Requirements and recommendations relating to PPE
  • Recommendations relating to use of personnel hoists (where used)

The COVID-19 safety management plan may be incorporated into the site’s health and safety co-ordination plan. 

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