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Domestic builder limited (carpentry)

November 19, 2019

The VBA have recently introduced a new application form for the Domestic Builder Limited Carpentry class. This is an online application form that you download to your computer to be completed then printed, signed and submitted to the VBA.

The form clearly advises you of the information to be provided along with documentation relating to three projects that can best demonstrate your experience.

The signed copy can either be mailed to the VBA or delivered in person.

The VBA advises that they will continue to accept and process applications received on the previous form until close of business Monday 25 November 2019.

Note that the completion of an Experience Statement for carpentry is no longer required as your building employment history and past project work is now included in the online form.

Access to the new application form

HIA understands that the VBA will be introducing new application form processes for the other Domestic Builder Limited Classes in the future. HIA will keep you informed of these changes as they are implemented.