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Engineers registration

September 03, 2019

Members may be aware that the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 has been passed by Parliament.


The Professional Engineers Registration Act allows for engineers to be registered by the Business Licensing Authority (BLA).  The BLA is an existing government agency that licences a number of occupations including real estate agents, car dealers, introduction agents, and pawnbrokers.


The new Act overlaps with the existing building engineers registration requirements with the Victorian Building Authority under the Building Act 1993. It is not clear how this new registration scheme will work for those engineers who are already registered with the Victorian Building Authority. It is also not clear how this additional regulation will improve the performance and work of engineers working in the building industry. Unlike the situation in other states the engineers working in the building industry already require registration.


For this Act to be fully implemented there needs to be regulations made by the Victorian government. HIA will provide further information as it becomes available.