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Finalising building permits

April 08, 2019

It is important as a builder to ensure that the building permit has been completed within the time frames required under the Building Regulations 2018. In many cases at the end of a project you could be waiting for a plumbing certificate or some minor works to be completed by the owner before you can obtain a final inspection certificate (CFI) or Occupancy permit (OP) from the Relevant Building Surveyor (RBS). As time goes by the builder may forget to follow these up and the building permit lapses.

HIA receives a number calls from builders who say that an owner is seeking a copy of the occupancy permit (OP) or certificate final inspection (CFI) as they are selling the property. This could be 5, 6 or even 10 years after the building work has been completed. When the builder checks their records, no OP or CFI can be found and the RBS advises that none were issued.

In these circumstances a new building permit to complete the works may be required. The important thing to note is that if the building work required domestic building insurance then the warranty insurance time frame commences once the OP or CFI is issued and the liability period of 10 years also commences at this point.

Therefore the builder could be liable for any defects or litigation for a further 10 years.

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