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Government building works package

May 18, 2020

The Victorian Government has announced this week bringing forward a number of building projects and maintenance works with the aim of getting builders and trades involved with a mix of public housing and public maintenance work -  including school projects.

The first part of the Building Works package will provide $2.7 billion of funds towards a range of big and small projects  - many of which will be maintenance and upgrades with a view to providing further work for trades. The package will create 3,700 direct jobs for construction workers, painters, plasterers, gardeners, engineers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, maintenance workers, administration staff and many others and it is hoped this will create a flow on effect for the economy. Much of the funding is geared towards school building projects, transport works, sporting facilities and other public infrastructure works with half a billion dollars for community and social housing projects to upgrade 23,000 dwellings and build 168 new homes across the state. (See HIA’s article for more detail on the Community and Social Housing element).

HIA awaits further detail about the tender process for these projects.  It is expected that head contractors will need to apply for the work through a Victorian government tender process and be subject to the usual OHS, industrial relations and probity requirements for government work. HIA will provide more details as this becomes available.

Read the Premier's announcement here.