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Labour hire licensing scheme information sessions

March 11, 2019

The labour hire licensing scheme will commence on 29 April 2019 as announced by Minister for Industrial Relations, Tim Pallas on Thursday 28 February. The scheme is designed to better protect workers from exploitation and improve the integrity and transparency of the labour hire sector overall.

The Labour Hire Authority (LHA) will deliver over 20 information sessions across Victoria to help the sector prepare for the new labour hire licensing scheme. Delivered in March and April, the information sessions will spell out labour hire provider obligations for Victorian operators and outline how to get ready for 29 April 2019. Labour hire providers will have six months from this date to apply for a licence.

To be granted a licence, providers will be required to pass a ‘fit and proper person test’, show compliance with workplace and labour hire laws, meet minimum accommodation standards, as well as report annually on their activities.

Providers that are operating without a licence after 29 October will face steep penalties. If an application has been made but a decision is still pending, the provider will not be in breach of the Act.

LHA is running provider sessions in key regional areas and targeting Melbourne sessions to key labour hire sectors including security, cleaning, meat processing, fruit and vegetable harvesting and processing, and building and construction.

There are also information sessions for labour hire hosts, as they are an important part of the process and liable for penalties if non-compliant with the scheme.

Visit the LHA website to register for an information session, subscribe for updates or for more information.