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Native vegetation removal in Victoria

July 21, 2019

Planning approval to remove native vegetation can be difficult to obtain with little known as to what happens once an applicant has satisfied the conditions of approval. Conditions of approval can often require a financial contribution to a registered organisation with access to land that has a conservation covenant.

As HIA consistently advocate for accountability and transparency of the planning regulatory system it is pleasing the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has recently announced its commitment to report annually on native vegetation removed and offset under the native vegetation planning provisions (Clauses 52.16 and 52.17) of all planning schemes in Victoria.

DELWP will be requiring Councils to provide permit numbers, native vegetation removal report ID numbers and details of offset sites protected under s173 agreements. HIA will watch with interest this commitment and how the information gathered is reported.

For further information contact Teresa Davis, Planning Adviser via email or alternatively 03 9280 8230.