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NCC 2019 energy efficiency

May 05, 2020

While the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 was introduced on 1 May 2019 significant changes in relation to energy efficiency provisions for houses, apartments and commercial buildings were provided with a 12 month transition period by the ABCB.

This transition period expired on 30 April 2020 meaning the new provisions take effect from 1 May 2020. A recording of a webinar held on 30 April outlining the energy efficiency changes for Class 1a dwellings will be available soon on the HIA website.

A national webinar will be held on the Section J (commercial buildings) energy efficiency changes on 15 May 2020. This will bring together a range of experts to provide a more detailed understanding of these new requirements. This national webinar will be a must for anyone building, designing, specifying, assessing or approving buildings or supplying products to Class 2-9 buildings including mixed use apartments, commercial buildings, shops, cafes, office buildings and other similar buildings.

Register for the Section J webinar

For further information regarding these changes, please contact the Building Services team on 1300 650 620.