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Red Tape Commissioner review of planning and building approvals systems

October 30, 2019

The Red Tape Commissioner has been conducting a review of the Planning and Building Approvals Systems.

HIA has participated extensively in the review and after many months of meetings between HIA and the Red Tape Commissioner, the Treasurer has released a discussion paper with some suggested ways forward to improve both the planning and building systems.

HIA has welcomed the paper as it contains a number of very practical measures which are industry focussed and, if implemented, could substantially reduce the delays in the Planning System particularly. Read HIA media release.

HIA has already provided a detailed report to the Red Tape Commissioner as part of this early consultation process - detailing both strategic and statutory measures that could be included in the recommendations, and including some practical building measures. It appears that many of HIA's recommendations have been included in the report.

Some key reforms suggested by the Red Tape Commissioner, which HIA helped inform are:

  • Streamlining the Planning Scheme Amendment process by reducing the embargo Councils currently have over Panel Reports from 28 days down to 7 days
  • Assist councils to improve online planning permit application processing and tracking to increase transparency and reporting capabilities
  • Detailed reporting of various stages of a planning permit application to determine if there are common holds ups at a particular stage of an application
  • Reduce the time taken for response times from referral authorities
  • Better information and streamlined processes on secondary consent and planning permit amendment applications
  • Establishing a new class of building surveyor for low-risk building work

From here, there will be a public consultation process with submissions due on the 15th November. HIA will provide a further response as part of this process.

Read the Discussion Paper

If you require any further information or would like to provide feedback for HIA to consider as part of our response to the Discussion Paper, please contact Teresa Davis on 03 9280 8230.