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The future is bright for the recently qualified apprentices

January 27, 2020

HIA Apprentices celebrate and congratulate each and every one of our apprentices who completed their apprenticeship in 2019.

The importance of finding talented young individuals and developing their skills so they can take the building industry forward in the future can’t be underestimated. The apprenticeship system has a long history of providing young Australians with the vital combination of work and training to prepare them for a secure job and a career for life.

Young people have a number of options when leaving school. Taking on an apprenticeship is not always an easy decision and completing an apprenticeship takes a great deal of hard work and dedication.

Another important element in training highly skilled trade’s people for the building industry is the people who train and support them. HIA Apprentices and host trainers provide more than just hands on training. Apprentices are exposed to a wide variety of work as well as receiving encouragement, soft skills, advice and support to help them reach their full potential.  HIA Apprentices would like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment to training the future building industry leaders, provided by our valued host trainers.

The apprentices below are all hard-working, enthusiastic workers and learners who have contributed to the success of their host trainers businesses in a wide variety of ways and have bright futures ahead.

  • Aden Kullo
  • Cameron Keenan
  • Carl Ahern
  • Corey Toet
  • Daniel Failla
  • Daniel Herzog
  • Daniel Punton
  • Darcy Lillis
  • Dean Bell
  • Harrison Trimble
  • Hayden Arthur
  • Jack Milne
  • James D'Apolito
  • Jayden King
  • Joel Allamby
  • Joshua Collins
  • Mark Digby
  • Matthew Berry
  • Matthew O'Loughlin
  • Mehakdeep Sandhu
  • Michael Jubb
  • Steven Drozdzynski
  • William Tran

HIA Apprentices would like to congratulate all qualified apprentice of 2019. Becoming a qualified trade’s person is the achievement and celebration of excellence.

For further information, visit HIA Apprentices.