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Local government rating system review – Have your say

October 14, 2019

In 2018, the Victorian Government announced a commitment to review the ‘Local Government Rating System’ (the Rating System). Since this commitment was made, an independent panel has been appointed to review all components of the Rating System within Victoria. Apart from the ‘Fair Go Rates System’ which was introduced in 2015, the overarching structure of the Rating System has not undergone any form of substantial change within the last century.

Broadly speaking, rating systems work through local governments deciding how to calculate and allocate rates across properties as part of their annual budget process. Annually, the Victorian Valuer-General undertakes valuations of properties, which local governments utilise to set their rates for the forthcoming year.

The Rating System includes various components such as:

  • Rateable land and exemptions
  • General rates
  • Municipal charges
  • Rate capping
  • Rebates, discounts and deferments
  • Hardship policies and waivers
  • Service rates and charges
  • Special rates and charges
  • Supplementary rates and charges
  • Alternate rating agreements
  • Rate notices and payments
  • Recovery of unpaid rates and charges and penalty interest

All the above listed components, plus anything else which is included within the Rating System, are being considered and reviewed as part of this process.

The final report by the independent panel will be submitted to the Minister for Local Government by 31 March 2020. For further information on the review, please click here. Public consultation closes on November 1, to which HIA will be lodging a formal submission.

If you wish to discuss this matter further or would like to provide feedback for HIA to consider as part of our submission, please contact Teresa Davis – Planning Adviser on 03 9280 8230