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A big year ahead for industry

February 12, 2020

This year is likely to be another big year of change again in our industry. The pace of reform has been rapid over the last couple of years and the last twelve months was no different with a number of new measures being developed and introduced including manslaughter reforms, a new centralised building permit numbering system, changes around working with products containing silica, legislation for cladding rectification, anti phoenixing changes and several environmental reforms impacting housing including the new EPA Regulations which will commence soon. Finally, an additional building permit levy component to fund cladding rectification work commenced this year and is being applied to some building work in metropolitan areas.

But it won’t stop there. Late last year Government announced it will undertake a comprehensive review of Victoria’s building system. This will include a review of the legislation and will be undertaken by an appointed panel including Dame Judith Hackett Chair of the UK Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety and former Chair of the UK Health and Safety Executive. HIA will be at the forefront of this review and provide the technical input to the panel to ensure industry’s views are front and centre.

We are likely to see more details emerge of the government’s registration and licensing of trades schemes this year too. With a large volume and variety of trades impacted, HIA’s efforts so far have led to a delayed start and better transition over time. But more details, including the regulations will be drafted this year. If you are working in s building trade you should start to consider the impact of this reform on your business. In planning, a review of the Small Lot Housing Code will continue and we potentially may see potential implementation of a Code to facilitate small scale, self-contained secondary dwellings (‘granny flat’ style accommodation) on the same lot as an existing dwelling within a residential area

Importantly HIA will continue to engage directly with the Premier and Leader of the Opposition, Ministers, Shadow Ministers and cross benchers on behalf of all members raising the key issues around all of these matters so Members of the Victorian Parliament know where HIA stands on all of the major policy issues affecting our members.

HIA is here to help its members and our team can be contacted at any time on 1300 650 620.