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Summing up the year in housing

December 09, 2019

There are no two ways about it - as an industry we have faced many challenges this year and there are more to come.

Registration and licensing of trades proposals have dominated and as the year draws to a close, the Government is considering its options around the regulations. With Carpentry set to be the first trade to be registered and licensed HIA is actively putting forward options for the regulations to make the transition better for industry.

At odds with long standing regulatory practice in workplace safety, the Victorian Government has followed through on its pre-election plan and introduced workplace manslaughter.  HIA worked with other industry bodies on this matter and while we have no desire to see any person charged with workplace manslaughter, the exclusion of employees who are a critical contributors to workplace safety is considered unreasonable. We met with all sides of politics to voice our members concerns around this proposal.

Land supply is a critical concern for many of our members. The short term fall in land sales should not be interpreted as a reason not to prepare more land for release though. We do not want to see another affordability crisis based on a lack of land alone.  A drop in land sales and the implication for housing as this plays out in the early next year is still at the forefront of our concerns. Despite this land prices have continued to remain elevated.

Although housing starts have declined over the course of 2019, it’s not all bad news. The 2018/2019 results show us that this is still one of the strongest years on record for housing starts, especially detached dwellings and this is an encouraging sign that Victoria’s economy remains strong at the moment. Also, continuing population growth and state infrastructure projects will continue to support activity in the coming years.

2020 is set to be another year of change for our industry and HIA members can be assured that we are at the coalface of these issues including a Review of Victoria’s building system  - just announced  - which will be undertaken by a government appointed panel. HIA will be happy to provide input to the panel and provide a strong voice and technical expertise to ensure the view of our industry is front and centre.

We thank you for your continued support of HIA,  wish all of you the very best the season has to offer and very much look forward to working with you and assisting in advancing your businesses in the New Year.

We can be contacted on 1300 650 620 for any queries.