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Registration and licensing of trades

April 23, 2019

In recent weeks HIA has been engaging with members about the Victorian government reform to require some trades to be registered or licensed. 

Despite the lack of information about the proposed regulations and the list of actual trades to be impacted, HIA has been able to engage in useful discussions with members.  One point that is clear from member feedback is that the legal mechanism for the registration of trades selected by the Victorian government is fundamentally flawed and if it goes ahead many experienced trade contractors will be forced to exit the building industry. 

An information sheet is being prepared for trade contractors to warn them about the impacts of this reform on the viability of their businesses.  Members will be able to share this information sheet with trades so they can start preparing.

It is unlikely that draft regulations will be available until later this year.  In the absence of draft regulations HIA is assuming that all five trades identified by the government last year (carpentry, bricklaying, waterproofing, plastering and footings and foundations) will be forced to have registration or licensing starting from September next year. 

HIA will continue to seek information from the government about these regulations and seek to protect the interests of our members.

 For further information, please contact a Workplace Adviser on 1300 650 620