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Registration and licensing of trades update

August 13, 2019

HIA has been lobbying on behalf of members around the Governments trade registration proposals for the better part of 18 months.

Legislation was passed in September 2018, and now the government is commencing drafting regulations outlining the details of the scheme. Stage one of the consultation has begun and Government has asked industry about the criteria to select the trades to be regulated first. This decision will be critical and in addition to providing members with information about responding, a submission was made on behalf of all members. In Parliament the government had previously suggested carpenters, bricklayers, water-proofers, plasterers and footings and slab workers will be subject to the new requirements. This is still to be finally determined and there will be some transitional periods  - up to 6 years to allow for this.

HIA supports registration of builders undertaking building work and trade contractors undertaking high risk work such as electrical, plumbing or gas fitting work. HIA also supports registration of trade contractors who contract directly with consumers, subject to a reasonable monetary threshold. But HIA does not support the registration of trade contractors who are working exclusively for builders as consumer protection is not required in these circumstances. There are many thousands of trades who will be in this category.

HIA’s has been raising concerns with government including the large number of trades that will require registration and licencing and the governments capacity to do this. Also that the current bar for registration is currently set too high in the legislation (DB-L) and licence holders can only work as employees. Many trades may simply opt to leave the industry if they are unable to meet the requirements. There are costs to the individuals for any upskilling and the industry too.

There are so many matters still to be determined and HIA is continuing to lobby about member concerns that have been raised so far. To inform your trades about this scheme we have provided an information sheet about what is known so far about registration of trades.

Keith Ryan discusses what builders and trades need to do to prepare for registration of trades as it will have major impacts on the ability of trades to continue their businesses working as contractors.

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