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Guidance for using and applying the residential zones

May 21, 2019

The Victorian Government is currently in the process of developing a practice note to assist in providing consistency and guidance in the application and utilization of the residential zones within Victoria.

A planning practice note provides ongoing advice about the operation of the Victoria Planning Provisions and planning schemes, as well as a range of planning processes associated with the relevant practice note topic. The reformed residential zones were introduced by Amendment VC110 on 27 March 2017. The residential zones were further amended by Amendment VC143 in May 2018, so that to improve the operation of the garden area requirement and to introduce permit requirements for certain commercial land uses within the Residential Growth Zone.

The proposed practice note currently under consideration will therefore complement the existing garden areas practice note. The Victorian Government has been consulting industry and local government to assist in the process of preparing and drafting the proposed practice note.

For further information, please contact Teresa Davis – Planning Adviser, Planning and Development, on 03 9280 8230.