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Security Screens on Windows and Emergency Evacuations

January 13, 2019

Security Screens on Windows and Emergency Evacuation

Installation of security screens to windows and doors of dwellings or units/apartments is common place these days. They allow for fresh air flow throughout the building and help with providing security for the occupants. However, in the event of an emergency a permanently fixed security screen could restrict the use of the window as a means of escape if the external doors are blocked or unable to be used. They could even restrict the entry of emergency services personal into the building.

So consider that when deciding to install security screens, some thought is given to the method of fixing and the method for removing the screens as part of an emergency evacuation plan. This could achieved by the use of sliding bolts, key operated locks or the like.

The BCA requires that an openable window of a bedroom which has a floor that is 2 metres or more above the surface beneath must be provided with protection. Where a screen is fitted to the window opening as a method of protection the screen must be sturdy and must not permit a 125mm sphere to pass through any opening in the screen.

If the screen is required to be openable for maintenance or safety purposes it must be provided with a child resistant release mechanism that requires a tool, key or two hands to undo. Additionally a barrier of 865mm in height is required to the openable window.

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