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New insulation standard

July 08, 2020

The introduction of NCC 2019 has included a new version of the insulation standard which can affect the R-Value of some insulation products. Learn more.

What has changed?

The updated AS/NZS4859.1:2018 standard has introduced new testing criteria for products like bulk insulation, reflective foil and rigid foam insulations. Other changes include the detail of information required on the product labelling.

You may notice that the declared R-value specified on the packaging of the product is slightly lower than on previous packaging this is due to a change to the material testing requirements. The new thermal testing requirements are more stringent, meaning that the declared product R-Values maybe lower than previously specified.

What is the impact to industry?

Designers, architects, energy assessors and builders will need to make sure that products they are specifying, and buying, are fit for purpose and meet the requirements of the 2018 version of the Standard. If the declared R-Value is lower than what was previously stated then changes to the building fabric or insulation may need to be considered. 

Note the changes only apply to building permits that have been approved since 1 May 2020 using the 2019 version of the NCC energy provisions.

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