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Proposed laws for tip truck drivers

May 21, 2019

The Victorian government has introduced a Bill into Parliament that will introduce further regulation for contracts with owner drivers.

One amendment of relevance to HIA members is the introduction of specific requirements for tip truck owner drivers. These amendments would make it mandatory for a person who engages a tip truck driver as a contractor (even if only for a single occasion) to give them both an information booklet and rates and costs schedule at least three days before they are engaged. The Bill also introduces an obligation to pay owner drivers (including tip truck drivers) within 30 days, introduces offences, and provides for more enforcement of this legislation.

HIA is seeking comments from members who engage tip truck drivers about the impacts of this proposed legislation.  If you wish to obtain more information or provide feedback please contact Keith Ryan, Director Workplace Services and Compliance, via email or by phoning 03 9280 8200.