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Melbourne Water’s ‘Specifications for Soils and Landscaping of Constructed Melbourne Water Assets’ - Amended

February 12, 2020

Melbourne Water have advised that the existing Topsoil Specifications (the Specifications), which are to be adopted for the construction of landscaping of Melbourne Water assets, has been reviewed and updated. The Specifications apply to the utilisation of on-site won topsoil (natural, ameliorated natural soils and/or blended soil products) and/or the importation of topsoil. 

Melbourne Water have identified that the overarching intent of reviewing and updating the Specifications is so that to ensure that site soils are tested and ameliorated, and that relevant requirements are specified for imported soils. Melbourne Water have raised that the Specifications have also been reviewed in light of demonstrating that it is recognised that topsoil is a valuable resource and needs to be protected, reused and retained where possible.

It is anticipated that the Specifications will be utilised by members of the land development industry who design, construct and establish assets on behalf of Melbourne Water. If you operate within this area, it is suggested that you review the revised Specifications, given that they have been significantly altered from the previous Specifications iteration.

The revised Specifications have now been made available on Melbourne Waters website - select ‘Topsoil specification for landscaping of constructed Melbourne Water Assets’ under ‘Construction guidelines’.

If you require any further information, please contact Teresa Davis via email or call 03 9280 8230.