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Builder fined for being unregistered

April 14, 2019

HIA Workplace Services team reminds members to ensure that they are registered prior to carrying out any building work (over $10,000), and to only charge 5% deposits for any building work that is over $20,000.

In early April 2019, the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria ordered Mr Michael Arrow to pay penalties totalling $46,200, plus costs of $5,000.

The Court found that Mr Arrow had breached the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 by demanding excessive deposits, entering into major domestic building contracts while not being registered and not disclosing the required information to clients.

Mr Arrow had also breached the Australian Consumer Law by engaging in false and misleading information when he told clients that he was a registered builder (when he wasn’t), and when he failed to complete the building work within a reasonable period of time. 

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