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Is your membership record up to date?

March 24, 2020

Your HIA membership is important to your business brand. Unfortunately sometimes members fail to keep their membership record up to date and this can result in consumers being told that your business is not a HIA member.

This often happens when a member has changed their business structure. For example, you may have switched from being a sole trader to using a company or may have set up a trading trust. You may also have set up a second or new company. In these situations your membership record will not match your actual business situation. An example follows.

John Smith is a sole trader and a HIA member trading as Smith Construction. He decides to set up a company called Smith Construction Pty Ltd. That company is a separate legal entity.  John does not arrange for his company to be recorded as a HIA member and the HIA record continues to show that John Smith is a sole trader. A consumer calls up HIA to check that Smith Construction Pty Ltd is a member and is told that they are not a member. In this situation John is left having to find a way to explain to the consumer that they, but not their company with whom the consumer may sign a building contract, are a member of HIA.

The above problem can be easily prevented. If you change your business to start using a company or trust or decide to set up another business you should contact the HIA membership team on 1300 650 620 to make sure your record is up to date and current.