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Workplace manslaughter

June 01, 2020

The new workplace manslaughter offence starts on 1 July 2020.  An employer, contractor, self-employed person or director/manager of one of entities might be charged with workplace manslaughter if there is a workplace death from that date.  The OHS obligations however remain unchanged and if you comply with your OHS obligations you should not be charged.

HIA will be running a webinar on the workplace manslaughter offence for HIA members this month. The webinar will be delivered twice live and a recorded webinar will be made available for members.  There are also training courses that HIA delivers that may help with OHS compliance.

HIA staff in the Safety Services and Workplace Services teams are also available to help members with queries about OHS compliance and the workplace manslaughter offence.  A valuable service offered by HIA is the free phone Safety Health Check and members who are unsure about their OHS compliance should consider this service.

If you want to obtain a check or want practical guidance on these matters don’t hesitate to call HIA Safety Services on 1300 650 620.