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Building Permits for Fit Outs

November 24, 2019

While builders registration may not always be required to do fit out work, there may still be a requirement to obtain a building permit.

If the fit out work affects the way the building complies with the BCA a building permit will be required even if the value of the fit out work is under $20,000. 

For example, if you undertake partition alterations that affect the way the building complies with fire services requirements in the BCA, you will require a permit. Another example is if you change access requirements like corridor widths, door widths and doorways, this affects the way the building complies.

Therefore any work which results in a change to the way in which the building or incidental structure complies, will require a building permit. 

Click here to view the industry bulletin from the Building Commission.

Should you require further information, please call Kiran Kaur, HIA Workplace Adviser on 9492 9200 or email WA_IR&