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Bushfire mapping reform achieved

August 04, 2019

The Ministers for Planning and Fire and Emergency Services announced changes to Western Australia’s bushfire risk mapping.

In a sensible move that HIA have advocated for since the introduction of the bushfire regulations, changes will be made initially to the central urban region of Perth.
Plots smaller than 4ha have been excluded from being bushfire prone in maps released on 30 July.

Further work will be carried out on a scientific approach to determining bushfire risk for the remainder of the State, resulting in more accurate bushfire risk maps for peri-urban and regional homes, expected in mid 2020.

The staged approach will allow instant corrections of the oversimplified approach to determining bushfire risk in central Perth which will flow on to other parts of the State in due course, removing the unnecessary cost burden currently borne by some new home owners.

The welcome change will align Western Australia’s approach to determining bushfire risk to those in other states and remove some of the red tape that is hampering housing affordability for Western Australians.

HIA will update members as more information becomes available.