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DesignWA Kicks In

June 09, 2019

DesignWA and the Apartment Design policy (ApartmentsWA) took effect on 24 May 2019. 

Any development application decision made after 2pm on 24 May will be made in accordance with these policies.

DesignWA is the state planning policy that aims to create a built environment that is focused around good design that reflects the characteristics of a local area, enhances streetscapes and contributes to the development of vibrant and liveable communities. 

Complying with the R-Codes for housing continues to achieve these outcomes.  

The Apartment Design policy (ApartmentsWA) replaced part 6 of the R-Codes on 24 May 2019 and is performance-based.
Addressing the ‘acceptable outcomes’ provided is likely to achieve the objectives but they are not considered a deemed-to-comply pathway and all objectives must be met to achieve an approval. 

The policy can be accessed from the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage website

For further information please contact Rachelle Gill via