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Standards and tolerances guide for WA

August 04, 2019

Standards and Tolerances Guides set out acceptable standards of workmanship that are not covered by other legislation such as the BCA, or in the building contract and provide a guide when resolving disputes.

HIA has provided a Guide to Materials and Workmanship for Western Australians to use for many years. Recently, Building & Energy decided to release a formal Western Australian document.

The new WA Guide to Standards and Tolerances can be downloaded here.

The Standards and Tolerances Guide can only be used to determine whether or not an item is defective where this cannot be done by reference to regulation or contract.

The Guide does not create a standard of construction, but provides guidance as to the work that is considered not to have been carried out in a proper and proficient manner or is faulty or unsatisfactory.

They can be used as a reference tool to assist in the simple resolution of matters and to avoid lengthy complaints processes.

Contact if you have any comments of queries on the Guide.