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Western Power updated standards and manuals

October 13, 2019

Western Power have updated three key standards and manuals to ensure continued network and customer compliance.

The documents have also been aligned with recent changes to customer financial, application and connection requirements and do not represent any change in Western Power policy except for those elements of the document associated with Western Power fees and charges.

The updated documents include: 

  • Distribution Un-Metered Supply Standard
  • Distribution Overhead to Underground Conversion Standard (Previously Pole to Pillar)
  • Distribution Customer Connection Requirements

For the Overhead to Underground Conversion Standard, changes include:

  • Alignment with Western Power restructured customer connection fees and application processes;
  • Inclusion of customer supply options inclusive of pillar and pit connections;
  • Clarification of third party connection (electrical) access arrangements in line with DMIRS and Network requirements.

Head to the Western Power website for further information and to access the updated standards and manuals.

Contact if you have any queries.