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Work Health and Safety

September 01, 2019

The WA Government released a Consultation Paper on 27 August 2019 outlining proposals that would see the adoption of the model Work Health and Safety Regulations that will support the proposed Work Health and Safety Act for Western Australia. Further information in relation to the Regulations Package can be obtained here

HIA has previously opposed attempts at harmonisation in WA for a number of reasons including that there was insufficient regard to the current practice in WA - or the cost to industry, and that there was little to no benefit to the residential building and construction industry in adopting the model laws.

HIA will make submissions in response to the Consultation Paper by 26 November 2019 and will continue to keep members informed in relation to any developments concerning work health and safety in Western Australia.

Should you have any feedback or comments, please call Kiran Kaur, HIA Workplace Adviser on 9492 9200, or email WA_IR&