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The HIA Charitable Foundation was introduced in 2012 to provide assistance to a wide range of initiatives across a broad spectrum of worthy causes. This philanthropic ideal is the cornerstone of the foundation. In its first two years it raised $400,000, providing much-needed funds for specific research into mesothelioma, and for shelter for the homeless. (See Who We Support).

The Foundation (HIACF) has focused our efforts in tackling a nation-wide condition that affects one in four people in the residential construction industry: depression, anxiety and substance abuse. (See Who We Support).

Many of us have been confronted at some stage with a range of stresses that have threatened our mental health and wellbeing. And workers in the building industry are not immune. Ours can be a tough industry, with extreme highs and lows, so it is not surprising there is a high incidence of anxiety. HIA’s highly successful apprentice mentoring program was a first step in actively acknowledging the challenges of the industry, and provided support to a large number of apprentices through what can be a difficult period of adjustment.

HIACF’s major beneficiary is industry leader for mental health advocacy - beyondblue. Now, HIACF aims to empower and support the wider network of members and their families who may be experiencing difficulties. We urge HIA members from all areas to take up this cause and help support colleagues in need.

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beyondblue is creating change to protect everyone’s mental health and improve the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by depression, anxiety and suicide.

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2016 HIA Charitable Foundation Golf Day
2016 HIA Charitable Foundation Golf Day
The HIA Charitable Foundation Golf Day was held on Saturday 21st May as a part of HIA’s National Conference on idyllic Hamilton Island. More information
Charity Home
HIA Charity Home Sponsored by Stockland and Dale Alcock Homes
The HIA Charitable Foundation together with Stockland and Dale Alcock Homes have come together to build the Foundations inaugural Charity Home. More information


2016 National Supporters

Dale Alcock Stockland AMEX Miele

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The HIA Charitable Foundation wishes to acknowledge and thank our supporters of the HIA National Golf Day.

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