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Boosting the Australian economy

Every year Australian home builders directly provide jobs for 370,000 people and generate demand for billions of dollars of goods and services. In all, the housing industry accounts for nearly 6% of the Australian economy.

The housing industry has built an inventory of over 9 million houses and apartments and has opened the door to home ownership to 7 in 10 Australian households. Every year we support a renovation industry that upgrades current housing stock, and on average, adds another 155,000 new homes and apartments nationwide.

Working towards improvements

In working to improve the operating environment for the housing sector, HIA focuses on certain policy priorities including:

  • Maintaining housing supply and affordability
  • Streamlining small business operations
  • Improving industrial relations
  • Reducing duplication and unnecessary planning
  • Building and workplace safety regulations
  • Addressing skill shortages.

HIA policy is divided into subject areas including economics, industry, building, planning, industrial relations, legal, environment, training and skills.

Read HIA’s policy position on the following topics