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Information sheets

HIA information sheets cover a wide range of industry topics. Prepared by HIA information specialists, they are designed to help HIA members answer questions about a variety of complex areas. You can search by category. Members can also talk to HIA for additional help and support.


  • Building Permit Amendments and the Planning Permit - Vic

    HIA often receives calls from members raising concern where a minor amendment occurs to the building of a home. The main issue is the inconsistency in the way relevant building surveyors approach dealing with a minor variation. The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) have two documents on their website that provide advice on planning and building consistency.

  • COVID-19 Metro-Regional Work Travel permit in Victoria

    From midnight on Wednesday 28 October 2020 businesses that need their workers to travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria in either direction are required to issue their workers with a Metro-Regional travel permit.

  • COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions for housing in Victoria - What you need to know

    On 2 August the Victorian Government announced stage 4 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne.

  • Dealing with delays - VIC

    With the delays in supply of labour and materials, HIA has created this information sheet to assist in dealing with them.

  • Leaving frames exposed to the weather

    Guidance on temporarily bracing of structure to ensure it remains unaffected in the event that you may need to pause the construction of a house for an extended period of time.

  • Prevention of falls - VIC

    This information sheet provides overview of the prevention of falls requirements in Victoria and the relevant codes and regulations

  • Professional services list

    The HIA is often asked by members and consumers alike to recommend a solicitor who practises in the area of building and construction and related areas. Unfortunately, the HIA cannot do this, as it is not in a position to warrant the skills of a particular legal firm or lawyer. However, what the HIA can do is to set out a list of solicitors or professionals who are sufficiently interested in the area of building and construction to go to the trouble of becoming a member of the HIA.

  • Removal and disposal of building debris - Vic

    As clean up and reconstruction work begins in bushfire affected areas, there is a need to be fully aware of and consider a range of hazards and risks to health and safety hazards that may be present but would not normally exist on a construction site.

  • Section J Changes - Are you Prepared?

    This information sheet provides a breakdown of the key NCC 2019 Volume One Section J energy Efficiency changes.

  • Water ingress from extreme weather

    This information sheet provides guidance on processes to follow where building damage occurs as a result of an extreme weather event.