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Information sheets

HIA information sheets cover a wide range of industry topics. Prepared by HIA information specialists, they are designed to help HIA members answer questions about a variety of complex areas. You can search by category. Members can also talk to HIA for additional help and support.


  • A guide to progress payments - WA

    Our helpful guide assists HIA members to understand the contractual and statutory framework around progress payments in WA. Find out more what this means for you

  • A guide to progress payments - WA

    Before entering into a building contract in WA it is important to be aware of the special requirements related to progress payment claims and entitlements, that are specific to the local residential building industry.

  • Application of ‘Fit and Proper’ test for Building Practitioner renewals - WA

    The WA Department of Mines, Industry and Regulations (DMIRS) has published a notification regarding a change in approach to be taken from 1 September 2020 for all building practitioner renewals in relation to the ‘fit and proper’ test.

  • Are you putting on new employees?

    There are some crucial things you need to do when you take on a new employee.

  • Certificate of Occupancies required for new houses in SA

    From 19th March 2021, Certificate of Occupancies (CoO) will become mandatory for new houses. This means an additional administration procedures must be undertaken before people move in.

  • Contracts and home building work

    Regardless of any permit and registration requirements, if you are doing work on a home, it probably is home building work and if it is between $7,500 and $500,000 it will need to meet the contract compliance requirements under the law.

  • Dealing with delays - WA

    With the delays in supply of labour and materials, HIA has created this information sheet to assist in dealing with them.

  • Emergency COVID19 tenancy period extension - WA

    In September 2021, the WA Government announced an extension to the Emergency Period under the Residential Tenancies (COVID-19 Response) Act 2020 for a further six (6) months.

  • Excluding works under your contract

    Often an owner may wish to supply certain items or materials or have their trades do some works on your job - but how do you document that agreement, what should you consider before you agree, and what about responsibility for those items or works?

  • HIA Building Contracts Act 1991 - Notice to the Home Owner (320KB)

    From 27 May 2020, the Notice to Homeowner has been updated for immediate use.