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The HIA Economics Group

HIA’s Economics Group provides HIA members, industry and media with a trusted source of economic data, analysis and commentary relating to the Australian housing industry’s activity and trends. Our team of highly experienced economists are a reliable source of information on industry conditions, emerging trends, future scenarios, policy advice and more.

We can help you with:

  • Latest papers and releases on the Australian housing industry outlook
  • Strategic reviews and business plans
  • Board papers and impact statements
  • Company budgets
  • Tailored market research
  • Reports and business decisions
  • Presentations and briefings

More information

To contact the HIA Economics Group please call 02 6245 1393

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  • Harley Dale

    Harley Dale

    Chief Economist

    Harley Dale has 25 years’ experience as an economist, working in academia, consultancy, banking and finance, education, and industry. He has held a wide variety of roles across New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

    Harley began his career focussing on the international economy and retains a keen interest in global economic developments and research. For many years now Harley has focused primarily on Australia's construction industry, especially the residential sector. Harley is a highly regarded public speaker and is a regular media commentator.

    He joined the Housing Industry Association as the organisation’s Senior Economist in September 2003 and has held the position of Chief Economist since November 2007. Harley manages HIA Economics, and its consultancy arm - Australian Construction Insights (ACI) - which has a demonstrated ability to deliver tailored market research. Harley brings together a very experienced team focussed on: policy research; industry briefings, analysis, and research; forecasts; and a wide suite of reports and communications. HIA Economics and ACI combines to be Australia’s market leader in research and forecasts related to both residential and non-residential construction and property markets.

  • Tim Reardon

    Tim Reardon

    Principal Economist

    Tim Reardon has an extensive background in economics and industry policy.  He was the Executive Director of the National Generators Forum, representing electricity businesses through the introduction and repeal of the Carbon Price. He was also responsible for policy for the Federal Chamber of Automotive industries. Tim has also worked for the HIA as the Executive Director (Tasmania) and in Government Relations before joining HIA Economics in 2017.

  • Shane Garrett

    Shane Garrett

    Senior Economist

    Shane Garrett has worked as an economist for almost 15 years. He began his career as a teaching assistant at University College Cork in Ireland, before accepting the position of Economist at the Economic & Social Research Institute in Dublin where he prepared forecasts for Ireland’s economy and its housing market. Shane later worked as an Economic Consultant in Ireland and the UK for London Economics, where he was involved in numerous studies for the UK government and the European Commission, including in the area of housing policy.

    Shane joined HIA’s Economics team in February 2013. As Senior Economist, he delivers dozens of presentations annually to housing industry stakeholders’ right around Australia. Shane regularly appears in the print and broadcast media providing commentary on economic issues and insights into the housing market. He is centrally involved in the production of HIA’s large economics publication suite and the team’s forecasts, and is particularly knowledgeable regarding Australia’s $33 billion home renovations market. Shane contributes to the appraisal and development of HIA’s housing policies, where dwelling prices and housing affordability metrics are examples of particular expertise. He regularly assists HIA members with their information requests and data requirements, and plays a key role in the delivery of dedicated research projects for clients of Australian Construction Insights (ACI) - the economic consultancy arm of HIA Economics.

    Shane’s qualifications include a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics and Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Business Economics.

  • Geordan Murray

    Geordan Murray

    Senior Economist

    Geordan Murray joined the HIA Economics team in 2010. He came to the HIA with a broad background in finance and economics, having gained experience in the banking industry and as an investment analyst. He has an honours qualification from Deakin University in Melbourne, where his research included analysis of the dynamics of Australian housing prices.

    Within the Economics team Geordan plays a key role in the development, analysis and modelling of housing policy options, manages HIA’s residential building forecasting program, and is the author of a number of the group’s publications. He regularly assists HIA members with their information requests and data requirements, and plays a key role in the delivery of dedicated research projects for clients of Australian Construction Insights (ACI) - the economic consultancy arm of HIA Economics.

  • Diwa Hopkins

    Diwa Hopkins


    Diwa graduated from the Australian National University in 2010 with a combined Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Economics.  During her studies she gained experience in policy research in the area of trade and international affairs with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Diwa continued with a policy focus in the area of remote public housing in her role as a graduate with the Northern Territory’s Department of Housing, Local Government and Regional Services.  As a graduate, she also completed statistical work on NT social housing under the Council of Australian Governments’ National Affordable Housing Agreement. 

    Diwa joined the HIA in late 2011 and her responsibilities extend across the full range of member services and research, and publications which the HIA Economics provides. She also acts as a point of contact for HIA members on economic and housing issues.

  • Kirsten Lewis

    Kirsten Lewis

    Economics Coordinator

    Kirsten Lewis joined the HIA Economics Group in 2004 and is the first point of contact with the HIA Economics for a large number of HIA members and wider industry participants and is well known in this regard.

    Kirsten has responsibility for a wide range of regular HIA member requests and data updates, and coordinates the large suite of Economics publications together with the Economics website. Kirsten has extensive experience overseeing survey-based research projects, both internally and for the purposes of tailored market research.