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Housing industry update

The Australian residential construction industry contributes $95 billion each year to the Australian economy and drives the economic livelihood of millions. To help HIA members and non-members understand the variety of influences affecting the Australian housing industry, HIA provides a regularly updated collection of data and research.

Commissioned research

CIE Summary and Methodology of the final research report - Taxation of the housing sector

CIE Report – Analysis of Capital Gains Tax Changes (891KB)

CIE summary - The Taxation Burden on the Australian New Housing Sector

Fact Sheet

Federal State and Local Government Taxes on Housing – May 2018 (258KB)

Window into Housing 2019 – April 2020 (350KB)

Discussion papers

Banks should determine the risk of lending money, not regulators - September 2020 (161KB)

Lending is a risky business - January 2020 (193KB)

Plenty left in the residential construction tank – March 2017 (163KB)

The Profile for Residential Building Approvals by Type and Geography – February 2017 (263KB)

Do we need to worry about China? - January 2016 (194KB)

Research notes

Dwelling Unit Commencements, Australia – October 2020

Dwelling Unit Commencements, State and Territories – October 2020

Pool of Construction Work - October 2020

Expansionary budget will aid economic recovery – October 2020

Estimating the Residential Building Workforce, September 2020

Residential Building Workforce - September 2020

No one looks after Granny better than NSW – May 2019

Interest rates and monetary policy – fact sheet Oct 2019 

The Changing Composition of Australia’s New Housing Mix – June 2018

Analysis ACT Tax reform Initiative – February 2018

What does a Homebuilding Downturn Typically Look Like? – October 2017

Foreign Investors Soar (Away) – October 2017

Households by Tenure – 2016

Industry Performance 2020

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