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Housing Market Research

HIA Economics helps organisations and businesses with the design, execution, analysis and presentation of tailored market research on the Australian housing industry – from short online surveys through to industry-wide research on a company by company basis. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience can help you identify business opportunities and create a framework for successful decision making.

Why commission tailored market research?

  • Research tailored to your exact needs and budget
  • Research based on the activities and behaviour of over 40,000 industry professionals who are responsible for over 80% of Australia’s residential construction work
  • Data can be targeted according to HIA membership location, size, type of work or the industry sector in which they operate
  • Get a clearer understanding on market trends before they adversely affect bottom-line performance and shareholder value
  • Stay ahead of competitors through more informed decision making
  • Get ideas for staying relevant and present in your market
  • Extract the maximum return from your sales and marketing investment.

A team of leading economists

All HIA research is conducted and delivered by our team of research professionals with specialised industry and methodological expertise. HIA Economics has extensive experience in both quantitative and qualitative research which generates information and insights into the industry’s attitudes and purchasing behaviour.

More information

For a quote on your next market research project please contact us at or call 02 6245 1393