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Marketing tips for your building business

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  • Improve lead conversion

    Improve lead conversion

    Lead conversions are more than just a numbers game.  While much of it depends on the quality of your product or services and your reputation, it’s also strongly influenced by consumer behaviours.

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  • 6 Ways to improve the customer’s experience in your business

    6 Ways to Improve the customer’s experience in your business

    Businesses with happy customers flourish and grow, thanks to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. This makes customer service an incredibly important part of your overall marketing strategy.

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  • Identifying gaps

    Identifying gaps in the market

    Sometimes the biggest opportunity can be to fill a gap in the marketplace that your competitors have missed. Instead of trying to be like them, or better than them, try to work out what they have overlooked: the products or services that they that they don’t offer, that you could. Finding – and then servicing – these ‘gaps’ in the market can unlock a previously untapped revenue stream.

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  • Writing about us

    Writing the 'about' page

    A good ‘About’ page will help visitors to decide if they’re in the right place, ultimately converting them into business leads. So, as with all marketing, identify your target audience and tailor your ‘About’ page to appeal to them.

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  • Writing web content

    Web Content Writing

    Seven tips for writing great web content.  Your web content needs to do more than just present information. It plays a huge part in engaging vistors’ attention, boosting your search engine rankings and reinforcing your brand.

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  • 6 ways to make the most of your website

    Your website is often the first point of contact a prospective customer has with your business, making it a fundamental part of your marketing and communications strategy.

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  • Free photo editing tools

    Graphics and images are important components of all your online and marketing communications.

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  • Getting your business found online

    Whatever product or service you’re selling, motivated consumers are searching for it right now on the internet. If you’re not there, you’re missing an ever-growing market share. Every business needs an online presence these days.

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  • Nine ways to find local business

    Nine ways to find local business

    Successful marketing always capitalises on a business’s point of difference. As a small business owner, perhaps you struggle to compete with bigger competitors.

    Why not leverage ‘small and local’ as your point of difference, and give yourself the edge over the big competition?

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  • Identifying your target market

    Identifying your target market This item/page is locked

    Marketing your business without properly identifying your target market is like trying to build a house without a set of plans. By working out who your target market is you can focus your marketing efforts on the most profitable segment/s of your market: the people who are most likely to buy from you.

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