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Development approvals

Submitting a DA means understanding the local council’s requirements for design first.

Getting a DA

Most new homes and renovations to existing homes require a development approval (DA) before they can be built. A DA will normally be granted by the local council.

Preparing for a DA

Builders and designers often prepare and submit the application for a DA on behalf of the owner. This means that as the builder, you need to be aware of the local council requirements for the design of the new home or renovation. The rules are not always the same between council areas, so it is important to check before the design process begins.

Getting DA approval

Getting a DA can be difficult and each state has different rules. HIA offers information sheets to help members understand the process and some of the more complex requirements.

Ask the experts

HIA’s Building and Planning Services team work across Australia to help members understand rules and regulations, and get DA approval. More