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Sustainable Homes and Building Rules

New environment building rules are a positive step but not every state has the same rules.

Regulations for green building

Today’s new homes and renovations are much cleaner and greener than the homes of the past. New homes must include energy efficiency and water efficiency features aimed at helping the home owner save money, and reducing the demand on our precious natural resources.

Different state requirements

Some requirements have been introduced nationally, so new homes in every state need to meet the same rules. But not all the requirements are consistent.

Improve your green building skills

To help HIA members obtain their green credentials, our GreenSmart Program gives you the chance to develop new skills, keep abreast of the latest technologies and services, and promote your services to the expanding marketplace. More

Changing practices and handy hints on waste management

Waste management practices on residential construction sites have changed over the years, it is important to understand why these practices change and learn some handy hints that may assist to reduce waste fees and potentially save money. More

Ask the experts

HIA’s Building and Planning Services team work across Australia to help members understand rules and regulations, and get DA approval. More

More information on environmental requirements

HIA offers information sheets that explain some of the environmental requirements for new homes and renovations. More information can be obtained by speaking with HIA, your local council or your building surveyor.

Environmental requirements information sheets (member login required)

More information sheets