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HIA-CSQ Small Business Program

Given the important role that small businesses play in the growth of the regional economy, Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and HIA are teaming up to deliver a Small Business Training Program tailored to the Queensland building and construction industry – fully subsidised! 

What’s it all about?

By running a series of digital training sessions and providing ongoing support, the program aims to increase the capability and capacity of small construction businesses so that you can not only survive, but grow and prosper. You have complete flexibility to choose which sessions you attend - choose one or all of the topics. Sign up anytime until the program ends in September!

You will sharpen your skills in:

  • Marketing and business development
  • Financial and budgeting skills
  • Digital skills
  • Estimating, tendering, quoting and contract management
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Knowledge to comply with legislation, regulation and codes

Who should enrol in the program?

The program is designed for owners and key employees of small building and construction businesses in Queensland.

You do not need to be a HIA member to sign up, the program is open to anyone that meets the eligibility requirements.*

How long will it take?

Delivered over a period of 5 months, the program is made up of 11 topics, each delivered digitally via webinar or virtual classroom format. Each topic ranges in duration from 1-6 hours.

Running until September 2020, register your details today and a HIA team member will contact you to discuss enrolment requirements. Sign up any time while the program is running to attend the remaining sessions.

How much does it cost?

Funded by Construction Skills Queensland, the course is complimentary for eligible participants. Enquire with us today to discuss your eligibility.




What topics will be covered?

Choose to attend just one, or all of the following topics throughout the program:

An Introduction to Marketing Strategies

It has been said that “Marketing isn’t everything, everything is marketing!”

Putting together a solid marketing plan to attract quality opportunities, is not complicated, however does require a thorough understanding of:

  1. Your target Market
  2. The Message you want to connect with them on
  3. The Medium to use
  4. The Measurement of success

Jon Mailer, CEO of PROTRADE United, will explain each of the above and assist you to put together an effective strategy to consistently attract and engage more of the leads that you want for a successful business.

Manage Your Small Business Finance

This session provides the skills and knowledge required to implement, monitor and review strategies for the ongoing management of a small business's finances.

The session will also cover the day to day financial management of the small business.

Building Better Business Relationships

This session will equip you with the skills and knowledge to build better business relationships for small business. It will help you understand the skills necessary to run an effective business. It will review your understanding of the key stakeholders and your interaction with them. 

You will learn strategies for dealing with the stakeholders and in particular how to recognise potential conflict situations before they arise. You will learn about your conflict management style and how to recognise the conflict management style of others.

Understanding the National Construction Code

The National Construction Code (NCC) is a complex technical document, not only are the existing provisions at times complicated to understand and apply in practice but just to add to the layers NCC 2019 introduced an unprecedented number of changes.

This session will re-cap the regulatory requirements that apply to the design and construction of new buildings and renovations in Queensland and also go through in detail the NCC 2019 changes applicable to houses.

Planning for Business Success

Review how your business has been performing and set an achievable plan - not only for navigating these unusual times, but for ensuring a successful, stress-free 2021.

Katherine Grace, Director of Elemental Solutions, multi-business owner, business coach and long-time presenter of HIA Training, will share practical advice and real life examples to help you Plan for Business Success.

Single Touch Payroll

The ATO reporting obligation “Single Touch Payroll” is here for all Australian businesses with employees.

Are you aware of what it is and how will this affect you?

If you haven’t already registered for Single Touch Payroll you need to register now to take advantage of the COVID 19 Cash Flow Boost.

Join this session presented by Michele Grisdale, Founder of Rainforest Bookkeeping, to find out all you need to know about Single Touch Payroll and to ensure you are ready for the financial year ahead.

Digital Tools for Builders and Trades

With the implementation of Single Touch Payroll for electronic invoicing and systems, now is the time to move from desktop and paper systems to the Digital environment. Digital technology can assist in improving efficiencies, removing unnecessary stress for business owners and staff and removing the need for paper and duplicated efforts.

This session will be presented by Founder of Rainforest Bookkeeping, Michele Grisdale.

Streamline Your Processes and Reclaim your Time

Would you like to create more time for yourself through effective optimisation and streamlining of your processes? Join this session to start putting together the structures to help you.

This session will be presented by Jon Mailer, CEO of PROTRADE United and will cover:

  • Processes for People and Production
  • How to take advantage of “The Digital Economy”
  • Simple ways to go ‘paperless’
  • The benefits of job management software

Converting Quotes to Sales

Presented by Jon Mailer, CEO of PROTRADE United this session will teach you:

  • Practical and inexpensive tips on how to give yourself ‘the advantage’
  • The 4 hidden desires that all clients have – and how to fulfil them quickly to build trust
  • All the steps for dealing with potential customers including before they inquire, initial meeting, presenting the quote and follow ups
  • How to have customers wanting to do business with you even before they meet you
  • How to manage the quote presentation so you have a chance to negotiate if needed
  • How to feel super prepared going to meet new potential clients.

Communication Skills to build trust and win clients

Business today is built ‘at the speed of trust’. What is you and your team’s communication conveying to your clients and the market place?

In this session, Jon Mailer, CEO of PROTRADE United will help your communication habits to be leaders of your industry. You’ll learn:

  • The hidden signals that build trust quickly
  • The best 4-step structure for challenging conversations
  • Which mediums are best to convey which messages
  • Words to avoid that cause uncertainty and fear with clients

Surviving MFR Audits

With few exemptions, all Queensland contractors who hold a QBCC licence are required to meet the QBCC Minimum Financial Requirements (MFR) at all times. QBCC regularly audits, suspends and cancels contractor licences which essentially shuts down the building business in question.

This session will take you through the process of what happens during an MFR audit, what to expect and how to mitigate your risks.

Sharpen your skills with the HIA-CSQ Small Business Program.




*Eligible Building and Construction Small Business means a business with 20 or less employees that conducts building and construction work in the Queensland Building and Construction Industry and is based in Queensland. 

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