Colours of sanity

Wattyl has provided insights into the ideal colour palettes to help revive the home and improve mental health during COVID-19.

Photos courtesy Wattyl

Our home is our sanctuary, our retreat, our place of safety. In a world of virus-induced anxiety it has become a multi-faceted space – office, school, gym, movie theatre, restaurant and more – a rapidly evolving environment that is constantly adapting to restrictions and limitations. We are all craving calm, peace, reassurance and wellness, and colour can play a pivotal role in this new way of living.

Because colour can affect us all in different ways, both physically and emotionally, Wattyl has long been a proponent of the psychological role colour can have in our quest for calm and security. 

Wattyl has recently shared some insights into colour usage and pairings to obtain the perfect feel in the home.



Blues, universally recognised as peaceful, calm and gentle, have tremendous power in managing stress, Wattyl colour expert Sarah Stephenson says.  Blue hues are soothing and help calm our minds, they reduce our heart rates and anxiety levels, and lower our blood pressure. Deep sea blues such as Wattyl’s Denim, the soft sky blue of Kedron Blue and the beautiful aqua of Breezy Day all create a sense of tranquillity and serenity, ideal for living areas and bedrooms.



Greens have a deep connection with nature, it’s a colour we can all relate to. As a restful and quiet colour, green symbolises renewal and hope, helping us to stay calm and feel refreshed. Wattyl recommends shades of green that connect us with our environment such as the soft grey/greens of the eucalypt – Wattyl’s Sooty Owl, Cloud and Rhino are perfect examples.



Soft blush tones and muted pinks are the go-to hues for a spa-like feel that makes us want to relax and unwind. Layered tone-on-tone these pink hues bring a harmonious and soothing ambience to a space, creating a sense of optimism. Wattyl advises care in the choice of pinks to ensure they harmonise each other and don’t overpower the senses. Colours such as Tombola, Bath Bubbles and Pink Caress get the balance exactly right.


Warm neutrals 

Warm neutrals are always a safe and reassuring choice – they feel homely and relaxing. They work especially well in a space with minimal clutter and an accent on texture in other decorative elements. Again, balance is everything. Wattyl cautions against choosing neutrals with too much of an undertone of pink or yellow. Instead steer towards warm neutrals such as Wattyl Confetti Shower, Creamy Coffee and Talc.



White symbolises clarity and freshness, both of which are essential ingredients in times of stress. White will clear minds and create a perception of ‘room to breathe’, but avoid creating an environment that is too stark as this can result in a sense of sterility and lack of emotion. Go-to options are Wattyl Calcium, Cotton Grey and Magnesium.


The other essential factor in creating a safe and nurturing living space is to ensure the level of toxins – in particular volatile organic compounds (VOC) – is at an absolute minimum.  Wattyl has safe paint finishes including its I.D Advanced ultra-low VOC formula with less than 1g of VOCs per litre, a level that exceeds green-building requirements.  Most other ultra-premium brands contain VOC levels up to 16 times that of I.D Advanced. Wattyl I.D Advanced interior paint formula is available in water-based matt, low sheen and satin finishes plus Ceiling White.

Wattyl I.D Advanced retails from $71.90 for a 4L can and is available nationally from: Wattyl Paint Centres; Mitre 10; Home, Timber & Hardware; and other leading paint specialists.

Wattyl has also introduced a contactless service for those consumers wanting to maintain social distancing. Simply ring a local Wattyl Paint Centre and either place an order or ask for advice on a painting project. You will then be able to use Wattyl’s kerb-side pick-up service.


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