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Accessing the rules at your fingertips

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By joining with Standards Australia, HIA now provides our members and non-members with extensive Building Codes and Standards content on various devices.

Simon Croft

HIA Executive Director – Building Policy

Standards Australia and the Housing Industry Association have entered into a new agreement for HIA to host and provide digital downloadable paid access to relevant Australian Standards for the residential building industry.

This new arrangement means that HIA members and non-members can access 28 of the core building and construction standards commonly used by builders, project and construction managers, building certifiers and surveyors, trades and building designers and engineers.

These Australian Standards cover the key rules for timber framing, waterproofing, bushfire construction, slabs and footings, wall and roof cladding, gas, electrical and plumbing standards.

HIA managing director Graham Wolfe says the agreement with Standards Australia will provide our members with ease of access to important technical standards. It’s an exciting benefit in addition to the help, information and advice we provide through our extensive membership program.

‘We’re excited about the agreement and look forward to working closely with Standards Australia in this partnership. We have much to offer as we support the industry,' says Graham. ‘We aspire to work together on packaged standards and technical solutions to deliver greater value to Australia’s building professionals.’

Standards Australia chief executive officer Adrian O’Connell highlights the importance of this new agreement. ‘Standards Australia is pleased to announce the new distribution agreement with HIA,’ he says. ‘We have a long history of collaboration on many strategic initiatives of importance to Australia, so this is a logical next step in our relationship. 

'One of our key goals is to champion Standard Australia’s products and services with partners. We also strive to get standards in the hands of those who need them and use them every day.'

Digital access and support 

The opening up of new distributors of Australian Standards enables exciting opportunities. HIA now provides building codes and standards content for builders and industry members on various devices. It’s also easy to link content to other codes and support resources.

More importantly, HIA is working hard to ensure that codes can be more easily understood and applied on site. HIA is also developing tools and supporting resources so users can access our building services experts.

Over the past two years, HIA has published over 100 new technical resources to coincide with the significant number of changes in building codes and standards. It provide key tools in interpreting and understanding the new reforms and changes and assisting with implementation. Through HIA’s new website, these are now easier to search for and access. 

These new resources add to the extensive suite of technical and planning supporting resources for members and the broader residential building industry. 

With impending significant NCC and Australian Standards changes for 2022, there will be a range of new tools, resources and supporting material developed for the industry in various platforms to support industry through these changes.

Keep an eye on HIA’s website for current and new resources and visit the HIA Shop for the new downloadable Australian Standards. 

HIA downloadable Australian Standards

 AS 1684.2 - Residential timber-framed construction, part 2: Non-cyclonic areas AS 1684.3 - Residential timber-framed construction, part 3: Cyclonic areas
AS 1684.4 - Residential timber-framed construction, part 4: Simplified
AS 4440 - Nail plated timber roof trusses
AS 2870 - Residential slabs and footings
AS 4773.2 - Masonry in small buildings
AS 3700 - Masonry structures
AS/NZS 3500.1 - Water services
AS/NZS 3500.2 - Sanitary plumbing 
and drainage
AS 3500.3 - Stormwater drainage
AS 3740 - Waterproofing of wet areas
AS 4654.2 - External waterproofing
AS 3958.1 - Floor and wall tiling
AS 4200 - Pliable building membranes 
and underlays
AS 1562.1 - Metal roof and wall cladding
SA HB 39 - Metal roof and wall cladding installations (Handbook)
AS 2050 - Installation of roof tiles
AS 3959 - Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas
AS 1428.1 - Access for people with a disability
AS 1926.1 - Swimming pool barriers
AS 1288 - Glass installations in buildings
AS 5601 - Gas installations
AS 4055 - Wind loads for housing
AS 3660.1 - Termite management
AS 3000 - Wiring rules
AS 4576 - Guideline for scaffolding
AS 4349.1 - Inspection of buildings

High standards

At HIA, builders and contractors working must follow the Australian Standards as set out in the National Construction Code. Henriette Tan from Standards Australia spoke with us about the company’s 100-year anniversary.

Q: Standards Australia has been running for a century. How has it improved the building industry over this time? 

We’re really proud of our work with the building industry and have sought to support changes, adapt and address challenges across the past 100 years.

As construction methods, materials and systems have changed in Australia, so have the standards. In fact, in many cases, the standards have been a big part of this change. 

We’ve come a long way in construction, particularly over the past 30 years. We’re proud of what we contribute – with our partners, in developing standards that keep us safe from earthquake, cyclone, fire and other risks. We’re equally proud of how standards have helped Australia change the way we construct. 

Q: Any upcoming projects that would help HIA members?

We’ve been working with our new product development team to explore and implement innovations in delivery of content for the building and construction sector, such as visual standards, digital standards, workflows and videos. Our aim is to help improve accessibility to our standards through this innovation.

In addition, our new Public Comment system provides more transparency and is easier to use than our previous system. Our new dashboard platform, Connect, is also more user-friendly for our committee members with an improved user interface. 
Finally, in terms of future plans, our Standards Australia Construction App will allow people to intelligently search for content across the standards, and our website platform upgrade will make life easier for our users.

Q: How are you celebrate your 100th birthday? 

We’re planning some exciting activities to mark our 100th birthday. Keep an eye on Standards Australia online.