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GreenSmart training and accreditation

If you’re a HIA member, you can hone your green building or design skills, maintain professional development obligations, and promote your services as being sustainable and environmentally aware by completing HIA’s 2-day GreenSmart Professional Training Course. Once you’ve completed training, you will have full access to the GreenSmart Program’s opportunities and initiatives.

About the GreenSmart Professional Training Course

GreenSmart Professional Training is a 2-day course, run Australia-wide, providing you or your staff with recognised environmental building skills for more sustainable residential design and construction.

The course covers:

  • Thermal performance
  • Passive solar design and natural ventilation
  • Design and operational issues for water and energy efficiency
  • Selection of water and energy efficient appliances
  • Lighting
  • Sustainable building
  • Design
  • Marketing sustainable housing to clients.

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Green accreditation for individuals

Once you’ve successfully completed the GreenSmart Professional Training Course you become an accredited HIA GreenSmart Professional and will be provided with logos and material to promote and establish your credentials in the marketplace.

Green accreditation for businesses

GreenSmart Builder is an accreditation for HIA member building businesses that employ GreenSmart Professionals and are committed to building GreenSmart homes. GreenSmart Builders can use GreenSmart Builder promotional branding to market to consumers and industry.

Accreditation for green projects

GreenSmart project accreditation provides recognition of projects that demonstrate environmentally responsible home building and land development, and meet HIA GreenSmart project protocols. Learn more about project accreditation.

GreenSmart Kitchen and Bathroom Professionals training

Accreditation for Kitchen and Bathroom Professionals who wish to incorporate sustainable practices into their projects. Learn more about this one day course.

More information

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