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Business Standards for Contractors

HIA TRADEPASS Approved contractor has been deemed to meet the HIA Business Standards for Contractors at the time of verification, meaning:

  • their business registrations are current, including ABN and GST registrations;*
  • they hold the required license/s and/or registration/s for the location and type of work nominated by the contractor;*
  • they have a current Workers Compensation or Personal Accident and Sickness policies in place;*
  • they have a current professional indemnity insurance policy;*
  • they have a current Public Liability insurance at a minimum of $5 million;*
  • they will ensure all workers engaged by them have OHS induction cards; and
  • they provide an undertaking to advise HIA of any changes to any information supplied.

*Please be advised that some requirements may differ based on the type of work a contractor nominates, the value of works they carry out and the state in which they deliver their services. HIA TRADEPASS carries out a point in time check of the above information and automates expiry dates where available, however is unable to guarantee continued currency of the above information.

HIA TRADEPASS does not assess or make any determination with respect to a worker’s status (contractor/ employee), quality of work, job suitability or safety practices, however the information collected by HIA TRADEPASS and available on a contractor’s profile, may aid a builder/ principal contractor in assessing these.