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Revision to AS 1926.1 Swimming and Spa Pool Barrier out for comment

Standards Australia have released a revision of AS 1926.1:2012 for public comment. The proposed changes are extensive and will likely impact considerations for compliant installations regardless of the chosen type of pool construction or barrier.

What are the proposed changes?

  1. The Introduction and Scope have been redefined to provide more certainty and clarity surrounding the intent and application of the Standard. This includes new, amended, and removed terms and definitions, particularly for pool areas and gate units.

  2. A Statement of Conformity for verification is proposed for manufacturers of products complying with AS 1926.1. This extends to marking requirements for gate hardware, and supply / installation requirements for components at Section 2.4.

  3. Amended 2D and 3D diagrams for the Non-Climbable Zone (NCZ) figures, removing the Notes and Clause references. This includes the requirements for boundary barriers or fences being clarified with amended and additional figures, along with suggestive iconography being replaced with words or removed. An amended Clause 2.2.3 is also provided, noting that an internal barrier must be 1800mm high from the outside of the barrier.

  4. New clauses and figures with requirements for Plants and Objects within an NCZ.

  5. Amended prescriptions for Glass Barriers, including glazing and gate compliance. Appendix G is a new addition for Structural requirements from defined test methods and determination of glass barriers.

  6. Horizontal components of a barrier being better defined, with new figures. This includes proposed new requirements for slat-style barrier designs.

  7. Vertical component requirements are removed and consolidated into other parts.

  8. Barrier openings are also better prescribed with more examples - including different shapes, over sloping ground and steps, which replaces much of the outgoing Ground clearance provision.

  9. New provisions for Combined structures forming a barrier, such as a fence on a retaining wall.

  10. Clarification and drafting amendments for Gate latches and hinges. This includes the re-introduction of the latch release height being a minimum 1400mm above any lower foothold.

  11. Minor revisions and clarifications for Other Barriers, such as above ground and elevated pools.

  12. New provisions for Child-resistant windows, and Indoor Pool alternatives with figures. This includes additional requirements and figures for Balcony balustrades that protrude within a pool area - either into or beyond the NCZ.

  13. The Durability, Flexibility and Strength requirements are clarified for consistency. This includes the testing and durability requirements within the Appendices, along with increased cycles and frequency of testing for components.

  14. Appendix H provides considerations for barrier design guidance, along with some example scenarios that are not covered within AS 1926.1.

This is not an exhaustive list.

What's next?

HIA members are encouraged to review the public comment draft and provide feedback using the Standards Australia process prior to 14 December 2023.

To find out more, contact HIA's Building Services team.

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