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Building Women Awards

HIA Building Women Awards identify and recognise the prominent achievements of talented women working in a range of professions in the residential building industry. Women who make a significant contribution to the industry, encourage and mentor others and excel in their profession are celebrated for their success.

HIA is proud to recognise the significant contribution that women make to the residential and construction industry, and to raise the profile of professional women within the industry, as well as promote and encourage excellence.

The 2022 Building Women Awards have now closed. For more information on the 2023 awards, enquire now.

The business
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  1. What is the core business (building, trade, manufacturer/supplier, design, other)?
  2. How long has the business been operating for?
  3. How many employees/contractors etc?
  4. What changes/challenges have taken place within the business?
The nominee
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  1. Outline the nominee’s role within the business and associated responsibilities.
  2. What led the nominee to her current role/profession?
  3. How long has the nominee participated in this business?
  4. Has the nominee’s role changed over time?
  5. What are the driving factors for the nominee’s success
  6. How does the nominee balance both the demands of business and personal commitments?
  7. What insight or advice could be offered to others wanting to achieve their goals?
Key achievements
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  1. Has the nominee assisted towards the growth and profile of business?
  2. Has the nominee been responsible for, initiated change and/or played a role with any change within the business?
  3. Does the nominee demonstrate leadership skills, contribute positively to team operations and working relationships?
  4. Does the nominee display qualities of a role model for other women in the industry?
Other Pursuits (if applicable)
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  1. Achievements in other areas, involvement in the community and/or other activities that contribute or are relative to your role or business in the industry.
  2. Has the nominee had to overcome any personal challenges and/or achievements whilst simultaneously performing a role within the business?
Criteria for Small Business Management category only
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Strategy and Development

  • What are the goals of the business?
  • What is the vision and mission of the business and how do you help achieve this?
  • How does the business position itself, differentiate and develop its brand?
  • How do you contribute to strategy and development of the business?


  • Back office management eg. everyday accounts, managing cash flow

Customer service

  • Project management – eg. ensuring the jobs run smoothly, on time and on budget
  • WHS and safety administration – eg. managing paperwork and systems
  • Human Resource management – eg. staffing issues, staff training and recruitment

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales and contract administration
  • Marketing; eg. advertising, website, social media, community involvement, other


  • How do you monitor revenue and profit/loss?
  • How do you control overheads and spending?

Business Systems

  • Have you implemented any new systems or processes in the business in the last 12 months? Briefly outline why these were identified
  • and how they were successfully integrated with business operations

Upskilling / Continuing Professional Development

  • Outline any training or upskilling you have done for your role within the last 12 months
  • How do you keep up-to-date with industry changes?

Awards categories

Achievement in Manufacturing and Supply - QLD only
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This award recognises women who demonstrate excellence within the manufacturing/supply sector of the building industry. Applicants must demonstrate their contribution to the industry by way of product innovation, customer service initiatives, manufacturing and distribution distinction.

Administration Executive - QLD only
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This award recognises women who thrive in business administration and office management roles. Applicants must demonstrate efficient performance, innovation and significant contribution to the business.

Business Development Professional - QLD only
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This award recognises women who have a proven track record of exceptional customer service, business development skills and product knowledge to achieve successful outcomes for clients and the business. Open to, but not limited to, business development, account management, sales and marketing roles.

Exceptional Young Woman in Industry - QLD, TAS, SA
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This award recognises women under the age of 30 years who show exceptional promise and dedication to the industry. This is open to young women who are working in any aspect of the building and construction industry including apprentices and trainees.

Executive Leadership - QLD only
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This award recognises women who demonstrate excellence in leadership, mentoring, business planning and governance and use innovation to create change in the industry. Women at the highest level of management in an organisation/company are the ideal candidates.

Professional Business Woman - QLD, SA, NT
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This award recognises business owners who have demonstrated excellence in leadership which has resulted in business growth, profitability and expansion in business size and/or customer base.

Professional Service Excellence - QLD, TAS, SA, NT
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This award recognises women within a profession who work collaboratively to support businesses in the building industry including but not limited to, lawyers, engineers, interior designers, certifiers, architects and consultants.

Small Business Management - QLD, TAS, SA, NT
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This award recognises women who manage the entire day-to-day administration of a small business in the residential building industry which has been operating for five years or less. The ideal applicant is an office all-rounder involved in business marketing, finance management, customer service, business strategy and system development.

Tradeswoman of the Year - QLD, NT, SA
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This award recognises the vital contribution and skill of women who are qualified and excelling in an industry trade.

HIA Professional Woman of the Year
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Chosen from the winners of each of the categories.

2021 winners

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HIA Professional Woman of the Year

Winner: Erin Oxley


Professional Services

Winner: Aleisha MacKenzie


Professional Business Woman

Winner: Aletha Walters



Winner: Rachel Winter


HIA-CSR Australian Housing Awards

Celebrate the highest level of achievement for the "best of the best" in the residential building industry for award winning designs and builds from across Australia.

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Professional Builder/Renovator Awards

Highly-prized recognition within the industry for extensive business and financial management practices.

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Greensmart Awards

Celebrating sustainably-built homes, new products and GreenSmart Professionals. Gain recognition for your sustainability building practices.

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Small Business Management Awards

Recognising the vital work done by those behind-the-scenes in small businesses in the building industry.

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Apprentice Awards

HIA host the Annual Apprentice Awards to recognise and inspire the next generation of apprentices for the construction industry.

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HIA Apprentice Host Trainer Award

Putting the spotlight on apprentice hosts and the important contribution they make for Australian apprentices.

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