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GreenSmart Sustainable Home

Winner: Living Green Designer Homes

Located within the Narara Ecovillage, this dwelling was required to meet building standards that are designed to create homes which meet the sustainable aspirations of the village. This included a minimum NatHERS 7 stars rating for the design and a requirement to score construction elements such as whether the building materials are sourced locally, their embodied carbon, water efficiencies and much more.

The house was required to have sufficient PV solar panels on the roof to meet the occupant’s needs, and was connected to a SmartGrid to manage excess power and integration with the grid.

A water system consisting of 2 water connections was installed: a metered potable water for most uses within the house and an unmetered recycled water supply for flushing toilets and garden irrigation. A system that manages waste water collection and treatment on site was also included.


Crighton Homes Construction
Yarrum Designer Homes

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