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Contracts and documents

A workable and watertight building contract is as important to the success of a building project as the plans, designs, and materials used during construction.

A contract should apply to every construction project - from a small bathroom renovation, to a construction of a new home.

Clarify everything

All parties need to work to a written roadmap with clear guidelines and rules on issues such as:

  • When the work is to be completed
  • The scope of works
  • The contract price
  • How and when payment is to occur
  • What happens if there are delays
  • How to manage variations
  • Any other matters that could lead to misunderstandings and disputes.

    Using HIA contracts

    HIA contracts have been specifically prepared for the residential construction industry to reflect the risks and responsibilities of home building. Over the years we have amended and updated our contracts to ensure they comply with the very specific and detailed laws and regulations that apply to the home building industry.

    Buy a contract

    To order a pre-written professional contract go to Shop@HIA or call 1300 650 620

    Or go to Contracts Online to create your own professional contracts.

    Information for HIA members

    HIA’s advisers can provide an array of legal information pertaining to the home building industry – at no additional cost to your membership. More

    HIA offers you guides and information sheets to help you navigate your way through the process (member login required).

    More information sheets