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Defects and products

Find out what to do if a defect occurs with a product or material and get information on testing out new products.

Building material defects

Building involves using a vast range of materials and building products. Sometimes these materials and products don’t perform how we expect them to and they need to be repaired or replaced. Or you might want to try new products but need to know how to use them properly and make sure they last.

What to do if there are defects

Building defects are something every builder aims to avoid, but the reality is that they can happen. Knowing what to do to resolve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible is good business practice.

Resolving problems with defects

Over the years, HIA has answered thousands of questions from builders about building materials and defects. This has helped us to prepare a range of information sheets about the most common problems we hear about. See our full list of information sheets at the bottom of the page. 

Non-conforming building products

Being sure that a product you haven’t used before is ‘fit for purpose’ can be difficult. Unfortunately, just because you can buy a product in Australia, it doesn’t guarantee that it meets our building standards.

Non-conforming building products are becoming more common, whether they are fake copies of the building products you know and trust, or poorly made products that fail when put to the test. 

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HIA’s Building and Planning Services team work across Australia to help members understand rules and regulations, and get DA approval.

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